This Campaign: 64 of 1,000 Trees

Plant It Forward
Plant It Forward

Hi I’m Trevor I’m Trevor the Tree. Would you like to help me plant 1 Million Trees to improve the health of the environment? While individual actions are small, together we can create a very large effect on Earth’s climate, as we are seeing with climate change. Now it’s time for us to try to reverse the trend, by planting trees to regenerate forests around the world. Join our Plant It Forward campaign by planting a tree in someone’s name, and nominate them to do the same! We can’t afford to wait any longer, let’s start fighting climate change today.

Plant It Forward today and you’ll receive a personalized certificate to give to your friend or loved one. Trees cost £6.50 each for us to plant here in Thailand, which includes 3 years of aftercare to ensure they grow to maturity.

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Plant It Forward

Create your personalized certificate of tree planting for your recipient below and we’ll email you it upon purchase.

“I helped Trevor to plant 1 Million Trees by planting a tree in your honour! Let’s Plant It Forward to others, tackle climate change and together save planet Earth.

I Planted A Tree Forward especially for you with the Plant A Tree Today Foundation.

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