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Fundraising Ideas

Thank you for taking an interest in fundraising for a good cause! We have a few ideas here that may help and pretty much anyone can do.

Raffles, Sales, Events

Throw an Eco-Party

Get supplies and door prizes donated by friends, family, and local businesses. Invite Green businesses, environmental clubs, etc. and charge an entrance fee.

  • Use e-vites or print invites on recycled paper
  • Theme: Everyone has to wear green!
  • Make it outdoors and do eco-games
  • Serve vegetarian food

Sell “Green Services”

Offer to do activities that others in your area might not want to do themselves in exchange for donations:

  • Mow your neighbour’s lawn
  • Gardening help
  • Create a compost bin
  • Do the grocery shopping (with re-usable shopping bags)
  • Walk their kids home from school (great exercise and carbon-free!)
  • Be an ad hoc bike messenger
Green-themed Party
UK style bake sale

Write a Fundraising Letter

Send a fundraising letter to everyone you know: friends, family, teachers, employers, local business contacts, local community organisations (especially ones that are known to support environmental initiatives), etc. We’ve got a sample here you can start with.

Have a combined Rummage/Bake sale

Get people to donate baked goods and secondhand items for a public sale either at a flea market or at conveniently located house (with their permission, of course!)

Sell Treats

This is a tried and true method. Nowadays, you can even do it with a green approach. Instead of chocolate bars, you can sell whole grain muffins, retails discount cards made of recycled plastic, and more! For US based fundraisers, click here for more info.

Implement a swear jar at your home or workplace

50p or a quarter per swear – It all adds up! And might be good practice for when the kiddies are around…

Pocket Change Raid

Tell people at school or work that you are going to do a “pocket change raid” to save the Earth. Whatever coins they bring that day in their pockets, purses, or bags, they have to give you. The key to this method is that YOU don’t forget to collect, even if THEY forget that you’re going to!

Change for Good
Clean Up the World

Rubbish Clean-Up Day

Get sponsors to donate for a rubbish clean up at a popular community location like a park or beach. Get your friends together and make a day of it. You and your friends have given time and effort, others have given money, your community looks nicer and PATT gets a donation to plant more trees! It’s a win-win-win-win situation.


Get a couple people or companies to donate a couple cool prizes. Sell raffle tickets at a big event, e.g. local fair or festival, or just sell over a two-week period to your own networks (and your network’s networks).